Where do I begin with these two?  Well first off I have grown to know and love them over time and it all started with the surprise engagement session that Leighton planned for Tess on the beach last summer.  Now if it is anything with these two the locations are always an ADVENTURE!  The proposal was at Assateague Island on the drive on beach and if you didn't have 4x4 you couldn't get to the location.  That should have been a hint for me then...LOL.  On to the engagement session; where we went somewhere way out in the mountains of Virginia! Yes, we got amazing portraits and we had a great time and I learned even more about the two but yes, it was another hike.  
     Then they start planning the wedding!  I couldn't wait.  I knew it was going to be amazing and gorgeous.  Tess was so excited and Leighton was as well.  Tess found her dress immediately and it was the first one she tried on....blush pink!  Oh but wait where was it going to be?  DC, Maryland or Virginia...none of the above!  They picked the Outer Banks in North Carolina and yes it was another drive on beach!  Let the adventure begin!!!!  The weekend was overcast to say the least with a mist all weekend but it didn't stop these two love birds and their friends and family from having their beach wedding.  The weekend was filled with family, wine and flowers.  Tess was a DIY bride and did a lot of the decor herself.  We sat on Friday night and put bouquets togethers and had a great time.  The morning of started with hair and makeup and load of family portraits and first looks with the dads.  
     Once the wedding started, so did the rain, but everything went ahead.  Umbrellas went up and the vows went on as planned.  The I do's were exchanged and sealed with a kiss and we were on to the party.  Formal portraits were taken and then the bride changed into her less formal dress and the guys changed out of their tuxedo vests to their floral shirts for the reception.  A informal reception with good old fashioned bar-b-que was the meal and the dance party got under way! All in all I think the guests had a great time and the bride and groom are now sharing in their happily ever after!  Best wishes to them and I look forward to watching them grow!

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