Culture, culture, culture!  Love it and everything surrounding it.  The bride called me to come and photograph the ring exchange ceremony in Virginia and we hit is off immediately.  She wore a pink all over lace tea length gown that she had specially made for the evening.  On the table you could see all her jewelry displayed for the wedding on Saturday at the home of her cousin in Virginia.

The ring exchange happens before the wedding and is a change for both of the families to get together before the big day.  The mothers and family gathered in the living room and the moms handed the rings to each of their children to place on their fiance's hand.  The moment was very celebratory and filled with love.  All of the parents, siblings and cousins were there to celebrate this joyous occasion.  After the ring exchange we snapped a few portraits and then we were ushered to the food.  The food was a full spread of Middle Eastern cuisine and I was not allowed to leave until I ate.  The aunt made sure of this and I could not be disrespectful for I complied and loved every bite.  

See some of the images from the evening below: